Arizona’s experts in trapping, rodent proofing, and remediation.

Arizona Rodent Solutions is a family owned business. Our mission is to solve your wildlife problem with integrity, professionalism, and quality customer service. We take the time to inspect, inform, and provide the correct integrated pest management (IPM) solution tailored to every customer’s specific pest problem.

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Solutions for:
  • Removal of wildlife from your home or business
  • Remove rodent nest, remediation
  • Crawl space restoration, insulation removal\re.
  • Permanently seal out all unwanted wildlife
  • Dead animal\rodent removal
  • Rodent proofing, mice proofing, bat proofing
  • Live humane trapping
We can solve your rodent issue permanently. No more traps, No more poison, no more noises from the attic, no more rats. Most wildlife exclusion services (rodent proofing) come with our 2 year warranty.
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